A silly name. A serious mission.

mother vaca

 Each Mother Vaca product is unique to the Azores and aims to showcase the best of these islands. While the name is silly, the mission is serious. Every product is sustainably sourced and local ingredients used where possible. All suppliers and partners are paid fairly. Mother Vaca donates a portion of proceeds to The Ocean Azores Foundation.

You can purchase all the products at The Solar Branco Eco Estate shop.


Ali Bullock is the creative driving force behind the group of brands. He suggested that the hotel, which is a serious, luxury eco resort, with 2 high end dining concepts needed something less serious in the portfolio. Supported by his ever patient wife, Mother Vaca was born.

Thinking differently has been at the heart of Ali Bullock’s professional success. From working through dyslexia at school, he has worked for some of the largest brands in the world, including Samsung, RedBull Formula 1, Nissan, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Motorola and Kelloggs. He has spoken at LSE and Davos on the challenges of dyslexia and his journey through marketing and social media. Read more on Linkedin.